CattleXpert Features

Animal ManagementCattleXpert™ delivers results where other software leaves off!

Here are a few of our high level features:

Comprehensive Management and Feeding Solution for Cattle Feed Yards

  • Single Inventory — why input the same information into several different yard components? With CattleXpert™, one entry makes the information available to all users system wide!
  • Distributed Workload — Now that all users are inputting the data that relates to their functional area, you are getting the best information at the most efficient time.
  • Established Audit Points — Every movement, action and entry is auditable by user, time and date.
  • Complete system — no reason to have multiple programs running in your yard when CattleXpert™ handles most if not all of your needs.
  • Office Accounting Interface — CattleXpert™ is seamlessly integrated with multiple accounting solutions (products like QuickBooks, Peachtree and others), offering you options that meet the highest standards in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll to name a few.


System Customization

With the flexibility of the company set up, every operation can be uniquely different. A few of the customizable features that make the Xpert Series so comprehensive:

  • Re-treat and Re-pull definitions
  • Average Daily Gain Factors
  • Deads In/Deads Out, Lot Transfer
  • Treatment Edit Capability
  • Multi Lot Pens or Multi Pen Lots
  • Lot Number Creation
  • Feeding System
  • Much more


Information Entry

Rest assured that if you use it, we can make it work

  • Integrate with Bar Code or EID readers
  • Incorporates with most electronic scale heads
  • Information assimilates with other third-party applications such as accounting, packing plants or data programs you might be using


Management Tools

CattleXpert™ makes it simple for quick and comprehensive access to your data using these features:

  • All Reports export to Excel
  • Hot Stars
  • Cattle Board
  • Yard Map
  • Analysis Graphs
  • Lot, Pen & Animal Detail Screens
  • Pen Graph
  • Feed Status


Cattle Procurement

  • Future Contracts and Delivery Scheduling
  • Cattle Purchase Information (Buys)
  • Buyers Projection Module
  • Feeder Cattle Bid Sheet


Receiving Management

  • Receiving Lot
  • Cattle Evaluation and Preprocessing


Animal Health Management

  • Predefined Treatments
  • Chute-side Treatment Adjustment
  • Integration with Scale and EID reader
  • Re-implant/Re-Vac scheduler


Female Breeding Records

  • Breeding events recorded on an Individual Level
  • Breeding history
  • Seamlessly tied to cattle accounting, movement and feeding
  • Can be used for Dairy heifer development or commercial cattle operations as well


Cattle Movements

  • MoveXpert™
  • Re-Sort


Cattle Sales

  • Show List
  • Long/Short and Holdover Functionality
  • Formula Results (Actual and Projected)
  • Animal Shipment
  • Animal Carcass


Commodity Management

  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Grain Banks
  • Discount Schedules
  • Payment Screens
  • Check Voucher Reports



  • Interest based on a variety of methods
  • Lot Markup
  • Cattle Inventory Valuation
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Medical Item Inventory Control
  • Back dating capability
  • Multiple invoicing methods available


Close Outs

  • Live Cattle Features
  • Customer Level
  • Individual Level
  • Benchmarking analysis


Outside Cattle

  • Automatic Charges
  • Cost or Market Value Transfer
  • Unlimited locations allowed
  • View all locations from within CX program
  • Simplified individual ID transfers and moves between any locations


Cattle Feeding

  • Complete Real Time Integrated Feeding System
  • Formula-based ADG
  • Company and custom pricing on commodities
  • Markup based on commodity or ration
  • Saved ration formulation for easy yard transition
  • Full coverage or partial coverage Radio Frequency
  • Manual feed sheets, scale data transfer, offline and full coverage options
  • Load box interface