Animal Processing

Animal ProcessingUsing CattleXpert™ allows you to track and enter cattle into the system quickly, and efficiently. CattleXpert is compatible with most EID readers, and Scales allowing for individual animal processing. Animals can be recorded, treated and processed upon arrival spending less time under stress.

The MoveXpert screen makes for simple pen to pen movements, including Hospital, Receiving, & Buller pens. Lot Transfers, & Lot Merges can be completed, and tracked with minimal effort. Lot & Pen Detail screens displaying all the information contained in the respective Lot/Pen. Established audit points ensure that no movements or changes can take place without being tracked. Save time, and money with CattleXpert™.

Animal Processing Features

This will become the cornerstone to complying with other programs. Consider your management practices at these critical points:

  • Pen to Pen Movements
  • Lot Transfers & Merges
  • Buyers Projections
  • Interactive Feed Yard Map
  • Cattle Contracts
  • Feeder Bid Sheets
  • Projection Closeouts