Animal Health

Animal HealthCattleXpert™ LLC's Solutions for Animal Health… The cattle industry is experiencing a change in business practices so monumental in nature, that it will affect the way every cattleman manages their cattle in the future. With several regulations looming on the horizon, CattleXpert™ would like to make this transition as painless AND profitable as possible for you.

The health of your animals is vital to your operation. With CattleXpert™ LLC we help you have Healthy, Happy, & Hearty cattle. Everything from Weight, Implants, Treatments, Breeding information, and Carcass data is tracked and recorded within our new software. You can manage your medical inventory to minimize waste and inefficiencies, and ensure sick animals are treated promptly, and managed efficiently. We can not only help you manage your live cattle, but track dead and realized cattle as well.

Health Features

  • Medical Supply Inventory
  • Commodity Inventory Records
  • Micro Ingredient Management
  • Breeding Maintenance
  • Rider Tracking
  • Predefined Treatments
  • Multiple Health specific reports