Animal Management

Animal ManagementCattleXpert™ LLC's Solutions for Individual Identification… The cattle industry is experiencing a change in business practices so monumental in nature, that it will affect the way every cattleman manages their cattle in the future. With several regulations looming on the horizon, CattleXpert™ would like to make this transition as painless AND profitable as possible for you.

Some of our customers have been utilizing individual identification for over a decade, whether it's by visual tags, bar codes or radio frequency EID. We have methods in place to accommodate virtually any individual management system.

What is going to make individual management such a challenge is associating costs and origin to each animal and keeping that history with the animal's record. CattleXpert™ accomplishes this with a special tool known as MoveXpert™ and other unique features such as our temporary Receiving Lot (Buy), which will induct cattle into the system based on each individual purchase decision, making it easier to keep group level information, such as origins, birth state, birth date and ranches. The Animal Detail screen provides a personnel file for each individual with all their initial induction information plus weight events, medical history, carcass data, breeding information, multiple tag and user defined fields, plus the ability to upload outside documents and attach it to their file.

Specific areas of interest have been pin-pointed by CattleXpert™ for each of the regulations we are facing:


Individual Animal Management

This will become the cornerstone to complying with other programs. Consider your management practices at these critical points:

  • Receiving
  • Processing
  • Sort at Processing
  • Re-Sort
  • Animal Health
  • Shipping
  • Animal Carcass Information

CattleXpert™ has examined the following programs and implemented options to satisfy current requirements and is intent on staying up with possible future needs as agencies make them known:


Country of Origin Labeling

  • Individual Animal Management
  • Birth/origin state as part of Cattle Procurement
  • Customizable Fields on Lot/Buy Detail
  • Import/Export of Identification Information


National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

  • Individual Animal Management
  • Additional ID fields based on NAIS parameters
  • Premise identifier